starting point…

{Original post date: 4/8/09}

i needed a starting point. so here we go! we are redoing our living room & dining room of our house. it should be fun!

a little background…

here are some pictures from when we first bought the house. the living room & dining room looked like this…

then after we stripped all the wall paper, painted, & recovered the chairs…it looked like this…

BUT! now we are ready for a change. we are tired of the red (it was nice for a while, but now it has to go). we also sold the dining set & couches. we bought a new couch & a different dining table (which are both in storage) so right now we have a big empty room & plenty of space to create! πŸ™‚ our plan is to paint the walls & rip up the carpet & refinish the wood floors.

here are some pics of the furniture we have bought so far. (we really enjoy thrift stores, sales, auctions, craigslist, etc…so only our couch is brand new…)

*the table (a craigslist find!!) expands to a square with the leaf in…which is something we really like.

*we got an amazing deal at NFM…the couch was on sale big time…let’s just say the chair the that goes with the set was more than the couch! crazyness…& we actually liked it! πŸ™‚ points for the NFM!

*i plan to refinish this piece (another craigslist gem!! & practically a steal!)…the people who had it before tried to do a special finish on it, but it didn’t really work…

anyway. this is where we are & what we are working on at the moment. the next couple weekends are super busy for us, so not sure we will be getting much done. but we are excited about our new project. πŸ™‚


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