some progress…

{Original post date: 4/27/09}

well, after being out of town almost every weekend in April, we finally had a weekend to start the process! it was a good thing we got started this last weekend, because i have been losing motivation fast. so this weekend we (with some amazing help!!) got almost all of the painting done!! πŸ™‚

*our friends lydia & lana came to help!!

*dining room primed!

*time for a break!!

we just have few trim touch ups left to do, but we are waiting on the floor…which was the LOW point of the weekend. sometimes when you pull up the carpet in an old house you get a nice surprise…& sometimes you get crap (excuse the term, but i can’t think of a nice way to put it.). we were hoping for a nice surprise. we knew the floor the would need a little t.l.c. because i had pulled up a couple corners to try to get a glimpse of what we would have to work with. but once we started ripping away the carpet we found a ruined floor. 😦 so now we are trying to find a new wood floor to lay down…& our knees are hurting at the thought (we installed a wood floor for my aunt & were soooo sore!) but we keep envisioning what it will look like once it’s done…

here are some pics of the floor now. isn’t it fabulous?

*all the dust from the carpet pad that basically disintegrated in parts

*the amazing random cut outs. (all the little dark circles are screws…)

so this is where we are at the moment. we are researching flooring right now. it’s going to put an unexpected dent in our budget, but that’s what happens with old houses. i just keep thinking of how nice it will look & how long it will last once we get it done! πŸ™‚


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