love a good sale…

{original post date: 6/2/09}

oh, the joys of sales…garage sales, yard sales, estate sales…some of the joys of summer!

on saturday we happened upon an estate sale that was just winding down…so we didn’t know how much stuff they would have left…but low-and-behold we spotted a gem in the garage. it had a tag for $25 but the man said he would give it to us for $6! score! it was pretty dirty & had spider webs all over it…& looked like it had been garage storage for a lot of years…but we had been looking for a cabinet for our dining room…& it was definitely in our price range. πŸ™‚

so we loaded it up. brought it home. oscar took off the doors & the hardware & started sanding (he’s such a gem. i hate sanding…& so does he.) then i put the oil base primer on it. we let it dry over night & the next day painted it & put a coat of polyurethane on the outside. oscar made some shelves & painted them, & took out the middle of the upper part of the doors so we could put glass in them. 48 hrs later we were done! yay! we are still trying to figure out where to put it exactly. & we need to get the glass for the doors.

here are some before & after pictures:


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