it’s been a while…

{original post date: 11/11/09}

oh my goodness. it is already the middle of NOVEMBER!…where did the summer & first part of fall go?….where did this year go?? oh my, how time flies when you’re havin’ fun. πŸ™‚

life has been going, going, going for oscar & i. sometimes i wish i could press a pause button & just dwell in some moments. but i suppose the fact that they are so fleeting helps me to remember to enjoy & savor them all the more, eh?

in august we had a lovely gal move into our home to rent the room in our basement. she is a gem & a lot of fun to have around. i especially enjoy it, since the huz works a few nights a week. it’s nice to know there is someone else in the house too.

i also started “crafting” in august. i was in-between jobs for a couple weeks & decided i would take up a hobby. so, i made some bags for some friends’ birthdays, & made an apron for a friend who was getting married. i enjoy it. so i decided maybe i would try to make some things & take them to a craft show or two this fall. we will see how it goes…i’m learning new things everyday & oscar even found me this amazing singer machine at an estate sale the other day. total steal. & in great condition. it was bought in 1964 by the previous owner. (she still had the receipt in the manual…again, total steal! so fun!)

my first craft show “experience” is this saturday. i’m really nervous, but i think it will be a fun challenge. i’ve been “beefing” up my inventory this week…i still don’t feel ready. it’s a smaller show, so i thought it would be good practice. it’s a fun, new adventure none-the-less… πŸ™‚

hope you have been enjoying a lovely fall!


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