Where to begin?

{Original post date: 8/9/10}

Wow…it has been a LONG while. I want to be better at this blogging business…& maybe I will, someday! πŸ™‚ We have had a very busy year so far…here is a quick summary:

In November, we found out we were having a baby!!! In February, we found out it was a BOY!!!

On April 1st we sold our house. (After 3 days on the market & 1 showing!) It was bitter-sweet, since it was our 1st home, but we are excited to see where the Lord leads us next!!

Some maternity pictures we had taken in June…this is where I came face to face with how HUGE I really was…but it was worth it…

On July 15, we welcomed Zane Liam into our family. He has forever changed us. He is almost 4 weeks, & I’m a bit sad, because I don’t know where the last month has went…

Next on our adventure list, is (another) move in 2 weeks. We are leaving Omaha & moving to western Nebraska. So much to think about & do. So bitters-sweet, once again.

And that is the update for now…I have a little man calling for my attention.


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