{Original post date: 10/11/10}

An update.  Friends have been asking…so here you go!  We are finally feeling settled in SW Nebraska.  We are loving it out here.  It is crazy to be back in my home town, after not living here for 8 years.  I’m finding out some things do change, while others are definitely still the same.  Oh, the small town life.  🙂

We are renting a little apt from my folks.  It is attached to their house.  When I was in High School we (my mom, dad, bro & I) actually lived in it for about a year.  The part that is now where my mom & dad live was actually the garage/shop.  & the whole building was actually a pig barn to begin with (before my parents remodeled it). Ca-Ray-Zee.  I know.  Here are some pictures of our new space:

During the “project”


Our current little home.

View from front door.  The door to the left is our bedroom, to the right is Zane’s room.

View of kitchen/dining.  The closet to the left is where the laundry is, the grey door to the right leads to the house.
Kitchen/dining.  The door to the right is the bathroom.  The stove is my favorite. 🙂
View from kitchen of living area.  Dining & living furniture is the parents, most of our furniture is in storage right now.

My little sewing/creating corner. 🙂  (Don’t worry Oscar, has his guitars scattered about as well, & gets to play my mom’s electric drum set whenever he wants. (Yes, my mom plays the drums!) We’ve discovered Z is a fan of the drums as well, which makes his daddy very happy!) 🙂

So there ya go!  It’s small, but it’s good.  🙂 We are liking the simpler side of things.  It’s been a crazy year going from a 4 bedroom 2 bath home, to a 2 bedroom 1 bath condo, to a 2 bedroom 1 bath (600sqft) apt. 🙂  Downsizing is so good.  You don’t realize how much stuff you accumulate until it’s time to move!  We had way too much junk, too much clutter.

Anyway, I hope to share some pics of my parent’s house soon.  They did a great job on it – despite having a super slow contractor & despite having to do a lot of the finishing work themselves.  Oscar & I even got to help on some of the finishing work, which was a lot fun.  🙂 So nice of them to let us practice on them!


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