Z’s Room

{Original post date:  10/12/10}

I had (was practically forced) to take some pics of Z in his room today, because he was sitting up like such a big boy in the rocking chair.  I’m sad to say, I think I’m turning into “that” mom.  Ugh.  But, he’s just so darn cute (in my humble not-at-all biased opinion)! 🙂

So here is Z in his current room (rocking out in the rocking chair…ha!) :

Zane just up from his nap.

He enjoys a good nap, just like his mama! (His legs are blurry because he was kicking them, his legs are rarely still when he is awake…)

He’s getting so big…3 months on Friday.

Ok, I’m done with the shameless baby photos.  🙂



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