Where did 2010 go? Is it seriously already January of 2011? I am excited for this year, 2011. I am excited because I have so many goals for this year!  One of my [main] goals is to remember to slow down & savor each moment.  Since Zane was born in July, I feel like time has been going at warp speed.  It makes me sad to see him grow so fast, yet excited at the same time.  He is already such a little man.  I just don’t want to regret not enjoying each stage he grows through.

Another goal is for “stefie k. handmade”.  I want to invest more time in this blog & “stefie k.” & sewing new/fun stuff!  Having time to sew & be creative is so therapeutic for me.  I am so thankful for a {seriously awesome} husband who allows me to take time to sew & be creative!  He’s such a blessing.

This last December, I had the opportunity to be a part of a small craft show here in town.  A good friend & I had booths right next to each other & had a great time hanging out & showing people our product!

Our little stores for the day…
Some Flower Pins…
Crayon Rolls…

I am so thankful for all of the blessings of 2010 & am looking forward with great expectation to 2011!  I hope you are too!


One thought on “What?

  1. I’m not sure if I’ve ever made it very clear, but I think that you are awesome. You are very talented and caring and I think your 2011 with be amazing! I love your ideas and your work, and I can’t wait to share more time with you this spring.

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