6 Months Ago Today…

Six months ago, we welcomed this little {cutie, patootie, seriously awesome} boy into our lives.  He has seriously rocked our world.

{zane 10 days old}
{zane 10 days old}

I am so thankful for our little love bug.  He has taught us so much already & God has used him to draw us closer to Himself.  It is so amazing how someone so tiny can turn your world upside down.

[Note: I do not claim to be a photographer.]

{z is 6 months old today!}
{we L.O.V.E. to jump!}


Happy 6 Months Z!  We love you to pieces & are so {seriously} blessed to be your parents!!


One thought on “6 Months Ago Today…

  1. He is almost as cute as my five month old “baby” boy. Mine just purrrrrs but is rapidly becoming a teenager. Zane will be a few years behind but he is so cute and looks just like his daddy. I hope we get to see him this summer so I can give him a big hug.

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