{Local Digs}

I thought it would be fun to highlight some of the fabulous local shops & restaurants around our area!  One of the things we love about our little town is the fact that there are so many neat, locally-owned businesses.  So, every week, a local business will be highlighted here on “stefie k.”!  I thought it would also be fun for our friends to see where we live now, get to know our little town, & be tempted to come visit! *wink, wink*

Our town, McCook, has a population of about 8,000 peeps {basically a metropolis}.  There are also a lot of {lovely} little towns within an hour radius around McCook.

So, first up is a super fun little restaurant called The Teller Room.  A few weeks ago, Oscar, Zane, & I went to check it out, & also visit some of the fun antique shops located in the same town!

The Teller Room is located in Oberlin, KS (about 30 miles South of our local, booming metropolis).  It’s located in an old historic bank that has been converted into The Teller Room Restaurant and The Land Mark Inn Bed & Breakfast.  We had a great lunch & really enjoyed the atmosphere!  I apologize for the picture quality.  I wanted to get more photos of the outside, but it was so windy & cold that day, that I didn’t get very many at all {just one, actually}.  It may also appear that we are the only ones in the restaurant, but there was a luncheon party going on in the room adjacent to the dining room we were in.  {Not going to lie though, it was kind of nice to have the whole dining room to ourselves.} So, feel free to visit http://www.landmarkinn.com/ for more information on this neat restaurant and B&B!

{the teller room}


{dining room}
{entry way}
{the pesto chicken pasta with fresh fruit – so yummy!}
{turkey melt with fresh fruit – so delicious!!}

If you have the opportunity {& are in the area}, I hope that you will visit this neat restaurant!! 🙂 And after you’re done with your scrumptious meal, there are some quaint little antique shops down the street that are fun to look through also!




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