The Gal That Does All The Work…

Meet my ol’ gal pal.  She’s a 1964 Singer Touch & Sew Sewing Machine.  She’s darling if I do say so myself.  The Huz found her at an estate sale for me.  He has an eye for these sorts of things.  (As in he’s really good about thinking of me others & finding stuff for me them that he knows I’ll they’ll love!) 😉 But I digress.  So please feast your eyes on my ol’ gal pal.

I have yet to name her, which is really odd for me.  I name everything.  We’ve had Gretta (the Jetta), Crafter (the favorite guitar), Yoda (our Toyota), & The Dejas (a fabulous 1960s Ludwig Drum Kit)…to name a few.  So, I really should give her a name.  I’ll get right on that…I’m thinking…Gladys!!  Yep, it’s official.

Anyway, she was discovered at an estate sale & had the price of $10 stamped on her forehead.  I had been wanting my very own sewing machine, so it was destined to be!  We snatched her up & took her home.  When we got home, I cleaned her up & found her previous owner had kept the owner’s manuel & accessories in fabulous condition.  She also had her original sales receipt with her!  So fun!  Needless to say, the ol’ gal {Gladys} & I have a fabulous time together. 🙂

And…just because he’s too cute.

{Hannah & Zane}


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