Nat’ Day!

This last Friday we traveled to the great capital of Nebraska, Lincoln, for the Mister’s Naturalization Ceremony.  It was a super fabulous day.  The sun was shining, the bird’s chirping, & (despite 8hrs in the car) a very cheery 8 month old little boy.  ‘Twas a great day indeed!

It was so special to witness a Naturalization Ceremony & welcome the newest citizens of the United States of America. 🙂  There were 40 people who took the oath & over 8 different countries represented.  I feel like natural born citizens of this country have a tendency to take it for granted (myself included).  It is such a privilege to live in a country based on Freedom & Democracy!

Here are some pictures from our day:

Oscar & the Presiding Judge
The Fam

Proud to be an American. 🙂


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