Being brave…

This year I’m praying for courage.  To be bold.  To not “hide” because I’m not good enough.  To not be silent because I’m scared I might be misunderstood. To not…the list could go on & on & on.

I want to be brave in sharing my journey.  I want to be authentic & tell you I really don’t like having my picture taken.  Because I have about 50lbs to lose.  Because I don’t like my hair right now.  Because I’m just in a funk.  Because, because, because…

BUT, my kids love pictures.  They love to look at photos of when they were “babies”. [Hello! You are still babies!  You will always be my babies. Stop trying to grow up so fast!] I don’t want to be the absent mom from the everyday photos.  I treasure the photos I have with my mom & dad.  It is good to mark the moment.  It is good.  So I’m going to be brave & embrace the camera more.

Here is the first edition:



Let’s embrace the camera in the everyday.  Mark the moment.


One thought on “Being brave…

  1. Oh sweet one, you are so beautiful in so many ways, and so very photogenic! You are wise to realize you will treasure the photos of you and your children, in the years to come! Thanks for being so real, always remember you were made by the “Perfect One.”

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