Nat’ Day!

This last Friday we traveled to the great capital of Nebraska, Lincoln, for the Mister’s Naturalization Ceremony.  It was a super fabulous day.  The sun was shining, the bird’s chirping, & (despite 8hrs in the car) a very cheery 8 month old little boy.  ‘Twas a great day indeed!

It was so special to witness a Naturalization Ceremony & welcome the newest citizens of the United States of America. 🙂  There were 40 people who took the oath & over 8 different countries represented.  I feel like natural born citizens of this country have a tendency to take it for granted (myself included).  It is such a privilege to live in a country based on Freedom & Democracy!

Here are some pictures from our day:

Oscar & the Presiding Judge
The Fam

Proud to be an American. 🙂



The other morning we were just kind of hanging out & I snapped this pic.  This is my family.  Aren’t they awesome?



I’m just so thankful for them.  They rock.

My Indie Biz Portfolio

A month ago I signed up for Indie Biz 3.0 (an online workshop) and Monday was the first session.  I am so pumped about this course!  I have felt a little stale with how to move stefie k. forward, & the sessions so far have really helped me brainstorm & get the ball rolling again.

Our first project was to make a folder for our workbook/portfolio that we will go through in the sessions.  (I love the projects they’ve had for us so far.  These ladies have really done a stand-up job!)

Here is what mine looks like:

Now, I can’t wait to fill it up!  Looking forward to learning more from these women who have each started their own handmade/indie businesses.

Happy weekend to you all!

{Local Digs}

I thought it would be fun to highlight some of the fabulous local shops & restaurants around our area!  One of the things we love about our little town is the fact that there are so many neat, locally-owned businesses.  So, every week {or two, or three}, a local business will be highlighted here on “stefie k.”!  I thought it would also be fun for our friends to see where we live now, get to know our little town, & be tempted to come visit! *wink, wink*


This week I am featuring Joltin’ Jo’s!  I can testify that our move from {the great metropolis of} Omaha to our {lovely} little town would have been completely unbearable a lot harder without Joltin’ Jo’s.

You see, I love coffee.  I do.  I love the smell, I love the taste, I love how it compliments a sweet dessert {especially chocolate}, & I especially love how it can be served hot or cold depending on my ever changing mood or season.  I don’t know if it has anything to do with my former employer during my college years {a well known coffee experience chain}, or not.  All I know is that I sure do enjoy the savory goodness of a cup o’ jo.  Which is why I am soooooooooo thankful for our local coffee oasis shop, Joltin’ Jo’s.

Not only does Joltin’ Jo’s sell great coffee, they also serve it up with awesome customer service.

Jo’s also sells one of a kind stefie k. handmade coffee sleeves.  So grateful to have an outlet to sell these!  I made them during the holidays & don’t really sell them online but Jo’s is a perfect place for me to sell them locally.


So, if you are in McCook make sure to stop by Joltin’ Jo’s!!  🙂  You’ll be so glad you did.


New Job, New Day

We’re back!  Well, we never technically left, but that’s neither here nor there.  The point is we’re back!  Ha.

The Mister started a new job on Monday.  Such an answer to prayer.  It’s not the job we thought we were moving here for, but it is a great job. 🙂  One thing we’ve been reminded of in the last 6 months, is that the Lord’s ways are wwwaaayyyyy above our ways, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

The Mister’s new job is on a farm.  He is a farming Mister now. 🙂  He is working for a great family farming operation.  One of the perks (per-say) of this new job is Z & I get to accompany him on parts runs sometimes.

Yesterday, we road along to North Platte to get parts.  It was such a nice day, & so fun to spend the afternoon together.

Now brace yourself.  Here is a little photo montage of our mini road trip yesterday.


My guys.


Our entertainment.


A new expression. He melts me.


“Give me that camera.”


Nebraska landscape.




We had such a nice afternoon.  The Mister is loving his new job.  And, frankly, so are we.  🙂


Diaper talk…

{Be Advised: The title of this post does not lie.  This post is 100% about…diapers.  Consider yourself warned…}

I know this will sound odd to some {or maybe to all}, but I love our diapers.  I do.  I admit it.

I love them because:

1 – They save us money!  $$

2 – They look so cute on Z’s little baby bum.

3 – They save us money! $$

4 – Oh, & they probably help out the planet too.

Now on to the diapers.  I realize these may not be for everyone.  But for us they work great, so I thought I’d pass on the info!

We use the Flip Diapers, & we flippin’ love them! {sorry just had to…}.  A pack comes with 2 covers & 6 cloth inserts.  Which is awesome because unlike All-In-One cloth diapers (where you stuff the insert), these covers can be used again if not dirty – you just have to change the cloth insert! So handy.

The covers come in a variety of colors & have great snaps.

I did A LOT of research before biting the cloth diaper bullet…& I mean A LOT.  I wanted to be sure we were making the right decision because cloth diapers are an investment.  We want them to last a long time, so we wanted to know we were purchasing quality diapers.  One thing I love about these is that you can get One Size, which means the diaper will “grow” with your babe, depending on how it’s snapped/unsnapped, & how the insert is folded.


The price of these babies is very reasonable compared to other cloth diaper systems {I’m talking new, not consignment – which is AWESOME if you are able to score some on sale or consigned!}  A pack {2 covers & 6 inserts} runs between $50-60, depending on what kind of insert (stay-dry or organic) you decide to get.

We purchased 3 packs, & I usually wash diapers every other day.  Trust me, it sounds worse than it is.  Especially since I feel like I am doing the little man’s laundry all the time, diapers or not.  {How do little people go through so much laundry?  It’s amazing, really.} Anyway, all that to say, don’t let the washing scare you away.  It’s really easy & becomes just like second nature after a while.  And I love that I never have to worry about having to run to the store for diapers!

Our diaper system looks something like this:


I also love that you can purchase disposable inserts for your Flips.  Which has come in very handy on road trips, where you don’t want to have to worry about diaper laundry.

I would also like to add that the other night we had to use one of our “back-up” diapers {because all our Flips were in the wash} & it was the first night since we’ve started using cloth diapers that Z woke up sopping wet because his diaper ‘sprung-a-leak’.  Can I just say that being woken up in the middle of the night because of a leaky diaper is very UNCOOL, absolutely no bueno, & makes for a crabby mama.  So, needless to say, we do not recommend our “back-up” diapers {Rump-A-Rooz} as a good choice when it comes to cloth diapers.

If you have a baby & are interested in biting the cloth-diaper-bullet, I HIGHLY recommend Cotton Babies.  They are a FABULOUS company.  We ordered all our Flips through them.  They sell other quality cloth diapers, as well, & are VERY informative! 🙂


Happy Diapering!


{Local Digs}

I thought it would be fun to highlight some of the fabulous local shops & restaurants around our area!  One of the things we love about our little town is the fact that there are so many neat, locally-owned businesses.  So, every week, a local business will be highlighted here on “stefie k.”!  I thought it would also be fun for our friends to see where we live now, get to know our little town, & be tempted to come visit! *wink, wink*

This week I want to highlight a local cafe/bakery, Sehnert’s Bakery & Bieroc Cafe.

Sehnert’s is pretty much a staple in McCook.  They have a rich history of filling their customer’s stomachs with amazing baked goods, and have been in McCook for over 50 years.  I remember growing up, Grandma & Grandpa would take us to Sehnert’s to get a donut before we went “garage-saling” on Saturday mornings.  🙂

Sehnert’s & the Bieroc serve amazing sandwiches & lunch items.  They also host live music every few weeks with Live @ the Bieroc.  It really is such a fun atmosphere.

If you’re looking for a delicious & fun lunch spot, Sehnert’s really is the place to go!  For more information check out

The Gal That Does All The Work…

Meet my ol’ gal pal.  She’s a 1964 Singer Touch & Sew Sewing Machine.  She’s darling if I do say so myself.  The Huz found her at an estate sale for me.  He has an eye for these sorts of things.  (As in he’s really good about thinking of me others & finding stuff for me them that he knows I’ll they’ll love!) 😉 But I digress.  So please feast your eyes on my ol’ gal pal.

I have yet to name her, which is really odd for me.  I name everything.  We’ve had Gretta (the Jetta), Crafter (the favorite guitar), Yoda (our Toyota), & The Dejas (a fabulous 1960s Ludwig Drum Kit)…to name a few.  So, I really should give her a name.  I’ll get right on that…I’m thinking…Gladys!!  Yep, it’s official.

Anyway, she was discovered at an estate sale & had the price of $10 stamped on her forehead.  I had been wanting my very own sewing machine, so it was destined to be!  We snatched her up & took her home.  When we got home, I cleaned her up & found her previous owner had kept the owner’s manuel & accessories in fabulous condition.  She also had her original sales receipt with her!  So fun!  Needless to say, the ol’ gal {Gladys} & I have a fabulous time together. 🙂

And…just because he’s too cute.

{Hannah & Zane}